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How long is each consultation?

The initial consultation lasts for 1.5 hours. Your health didn't deteriorate overnight so it's important I spend time unpicking your story to get to the root cause of your illness. No two people are the same.


Follow-up appointments are typically 30 to 45 mins depending on the complexity of your health issues. This is where we discuss test results and implement positive changes so you can reclaim your health. 


How much do the sessions cost?

The initial session is £225. Follow up sessions are £120 per hour. Packages are available and prices start from £585.


Nutritional supplements and genetic/blood testing are at an additional cost to the consultation fee. See Prices and Packages for more details. 


Do I need to attend in person?

I do like to meet clients face to face for the first appointment and have clinics at Brighter Spaces, Guildford, Surrey, as well as New York and Los Angeles so usually, this is possible. However, I do offer video consultations for those who are too unwell to travel or in another country other than those mentioned. 


All follow-ups can be via video links if preferred by the client.


Do you treat children?

Absolutely, it's incredibly rewarding to work with children and their parents. They are very receptive and its wonderful helping make positive changes and seeing the great results. 


Have you treated anyone with my illness before?

Regardless of whether I have seen many others with your illness or none at all, I am going to research the case from the beginning. I am not treating the disease, I am treating the person with the disease. Your specific cause of illness is unique to you. I start fresh with each case, plotting a timeline from childhood to present day; this gives me a full in-depth case history, providing me with a clear picture of your health journey, and thus enabling me to help you reclaim your health.



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